Information for Authors

Please note the following important dates:

Abstract submission/registration: March 23rd
Conference date: April 6th

Paper submission is based on abstract only. Use the Registration link on the top bar of this page to submit your abstract and register for the conference (or click here).

Abstract represents a brief description of your work (either paper or poster), and cannot include any formulas and/or pictures. There is no strict condition on the length of abstract but try not exceeding 300 words limit. Note that you do not need to submit full length papers. Your full work will be presented in the form of a presentation or poster at your discretion, on the day of the conference.

All presentations will be load in nanoHub website, therefore all author should sign a release form and provide presentation and movie files to nanoHub. For details please visit: If you are not able to release this information please contact Jacob Haderlie <>.


  • Presentations format will be a 15 minutes talk using Powerpoint or PDF slides and 5 minutes for Q&A.
  • Those who are presenting posters we remind you that if you are a Purdue student your home Department should give you access to a plotter (free of charge). If not, ask your Department what you can do. If you need additional advice let us know <>.
  • Those who are presenting are eligible for our prizes of best work of Undergraduate and Graduate Students. Please send an email to <>  indicating whether you are graduate and undergraduate students.

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